How to Improve your English Listening Skill?

You don’t have to waste lots of money and time in order to learn English Because you can learn English through Online courses for FREE

in this article, I’ll help you in learning “Listening skills” in English.


The only secret in learning Any English Skill or even any skill is Practicing 

Practice Makes Perfect

If you really want to learn English listening skill, you will need to listen to many English conversations, songs, and podcasts over and over again

Now,  you may ask how can I find a suitable English conversation course to learn English as a beginner?

many students decide not to learn English skills because they can’t choose a specific source from all the resources on the Internet.

That’s why I searched on youtube to find effective and professional listening courses to teach you English Listening from a to z that will help you a lot to learn English listening skill easily <3

 here it is the funniest part of this article
32 Minutes of English Listening Practice for Beginners 
– The instructor will show you many situations and all you have to do is listening carefully and answer the questions.

English Listening Level 1


In this helpful channel, you will find 100 different real common situations
you should listen to every situation many times then repeat it again and again to develop your English listening skill

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