Look phrasal verbs – What are the Differences?

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It’s about the difference among 3 English Phrasal Verbs which are look for & look at & look after

1- Look + For
The meaning

Some Examples:
I’m looking for my cat.
He looks for his key.

2- Look + After
The meaning
Take care of.

For Example:
She looks after her pet.

3- Look + At
The meaning
To direct your eyes towards something.

Some Examples:
Look at this horse.
Look at this yellow car.

Finally, you can test yourself from here, my friend

A lot of people were looking ___ the beautiful painting

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My sister looks ___ the kids on Sunday.

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Could everyone please look ___ the lost keys?

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Look ___ those lovely dogs over there.

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This is very valuable. Please look ___ it.

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I hear he is looking ___ a job.

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I'll see you again. Look ___ yourself.

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