May Might – what are the Differences?

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In this lesson you will learn “What is the usage of modal verbs May – Might?”


This English lesson will help you to master the English Grammar
You will need this English rule in your daily Conversations.

I will help you through your learning English Journey, because it is to master the English language and speak like native speakers for Free in no time.

Now.. the question is how can you memorize English rules in no time?
Write down English rule daily on sticky notes.
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1- May / Might – What is the Sentence Formation?
May / Might + Verb in the infinitive form.

2- May / Might – The Usages
A- Possibility Case
* Notice:
You can use may or might
Here is an example:
We might go for a trip. why don’t you come with us?

B- Formal permission Case.
For Example You may start your quiz Now.

C- Polite Request Case.
* Notice: You can use may or might.
For Example: May I ask you about something?

I will help you to become like native speakers on time.

Now, It’s time to test yourself from here, to make sure that you understand this English lesson.

You ______ park your car here. It isn't reserved for guests of the hotel only.

Correct! Wrong!

You _____ want to stop by the museum gift shop.

Correct! Wrong!

_________ we sit here?

Correct! Wrong!

You ______ wear formal at work.

Correct! Wrong!

______ I have your autograph?

Correct! Wrong!

They ________ buy a car at all.

Correct! Wrong!

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